Wear To Work Wednesday - Simple Style

Top (Purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Skirt (Purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Shoes (Purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Necklace (Accessory Concierge); Bag (Stella and Dot)

What She Says:

Simple, basic style is sometimes the hardest.   I tend to over analyze what my outfit should be when truly it can sometimes be as simple as a great fitting black skirt, feminine top, and nude pumps.  If you ever need a little help stocking your closet with great basics I really encourage you to check out Wardrobe Therapy (and their new and improved website)!  I make no secret of the fact that their help has been both invaluable and confidence boosting.  Besides, the summer sales are on now and Fall is fast approaching.  Let Wardrobe Therapy do the shopping for you!

What He Says:

Let me add a bro vote of support for Wardrobe Therapy.  Even if you don't live in Ohio, a personal stylist/shopper is a surprisingly affordable and worthwhile splurge/investment.  I love t-shirts and jeans (seriously, I REALLY love t-shirts and jeans) as much as the next guy, but when you're going to work or out to eat, it's a good idea to step up your game.

But please do not dress like these tools on "The Bachelor."  As I type this post, I am being subjected to a DVR playback of an episode/douche-fest called "The Men Tell All."  One guy, no lie, is wearing a neck tie around his bare neck…despite also wearing a shirt with a collar. Way to make the most of your 15 minutes of fame, fellas.


Wear To Work Wednesday - Recycle

Jacket (H&M - old); Tank (Target - VERY OLD); Pants (Ann Taylor); Shoes (Calvin Klein); Necklace (Stella & Dot)

What She Says:

I love a good closet purge.  I am not one who holds on to clothing that I haven't worn in a year...or ever for that matter...in the event that maybe, someday, I will pull it out of the closet and wear it.  Besides, getting rid of stuff makes room for new purchases and keeps my closet somewhat organized which helps me zero in on what I want to wear each day.  That's why I was surprised when, while filling a bag for Goodwill, that I paused when looking at this mustard color tank from Target and thought, "Hmmm, maybe I will give this one another try." 

What He Says:

Nice try!  Please allow me to translate this post for you: "I love getting rid of clothes because it means I have to go out and buy new stuff!"  With the regular trips to Goodwill, Allie does an excellent job of making sure that those who are less fortunate still enjoy a steady influx of new garments.  So I am surprised/impressed that an old blouse…purchased on the cheap from Target, no less…lives to see another day.  By the way, nobody still pronounces Target as "Tar-zhay" anymore, do they?  That is soooo 2008.  Why don't you go crank that Soulja Boy and go watch the Beijing Olympics with Sarah Palin!


Wear To Work Wednesday - Details

Sweater (Forever 21 - old); Skirt (J. Crew Factory - old, I also love it in aqua); Shoes (Sam Edelman - now 25% off!); Necklace (Stella & Dot); Bag (Stella & Dot, here is a version on sale!)

What She Says:

Pairing a bright colored skirt and a bold necklace with this plain navy sweater I purchased several years ago helped me pull together an outfit that I felt was anything but plain.  I am also not a fan of a standard laptop bag.  There are so many options that will add to your outfit and that are practical for the office.  This version of the bag from Stella & Dot is fairly neutral, but also comes in bright colors for summer...and it's on sale!

What He Says:

I assumed Forever 21 just pumped out fashionable-but-cheapo garments in overseas factories, probably on the backs of child labor.  I also assumed their stuff fell apart after a few washes, so color me surprised that this old Forever 21 sweater is still in the rotation!  That's about as close as you'll get to an endorsement from me.  Shopping there is still a harrowing experience.  By the way, what color is this skirt?  Sorta purplish pink?  Fuchsia?  What is fuchsia exactly?  Puce?  Is that still a color?  Whatever it is, apparently it goes with navy, so I know nothing.


Wear To Work Wednesday - Classics

Trench (Mexx - Purchased in Montreal); Blouse (Zara - old, here is a really pretty option); Pants (Old - purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Shoes (Calvin Klein - old); Necklace (Stella and Dot)

What She Says:

Spring/Summer weather in Ohio can be unpredictable.  When the inevitable chilly mornings happen (like what we experienced this week), a lightweight trench is a must have.  You could also pair a trench with jeans, a t-shirt, and flats if you are running errands over the weekend.  I love a classic white blouse underneath to keep the look summery and fresh.

What He Says:

Ohio locals love their erratic weather memes.  Seriously, do a google images search on "Ohio Weather" and see what you get.  Ohioans be pinnin' that stuff all over Pinterest, too.

Three unrelated comments for this particular ensemble.  First off, that shirt is peplum!  I know that's not really news for most of you, but I recently learned a new word and wanted to show it off.  Second, Allie did not indicate where her sunglasses are from.  Most likely they are from Nordstrom and cost too much.  Lastly…I miss Mexx (the store where that trench was purchased).  Mexx was like a euro-Banana Republic, and it was awesome!  There was only one US store in NYC, and it closed years ago.  Now, their Canadian stores are also closed, so my closest option is either the UK or Guatemala.  I guess we still have Zara, but that's more like a euro-Gap.


Wear To Work Wednesday - Spring Dress

Dress (Nordstrom - purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Jacket (H&M - old); Shoes (Sam Edelman - purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Bag (Stella and Dot); Necklace (Accessory Concierge)

What She Says:

How are we feeling about the street pics?  I thought it would be fun to capture a Work Wear Wednesday in action.  Or perhaps it was due to the fact that Joe and I forgot to photograph the look prior to leaving the house.  Either way, I am loving this dress.  The fit is flattering and comfortable and the jacket pulls the look together and brings an air of professionalism which is always needed in a corporate setting.  These Sam Edelman heels are cool enough to wear on the weekends and comfortable enough to walk around downtown in.  The bag was purchased during a flash sale from Brittany Hauptman (link to her site above).  This bag comfortably fits a laptop, files, and a bag full of lip products - everything a woman on the go needs.

What He Says:

Contrary to popular opinion, we don't actually live on our back deck.  Here's proof!  And you also get to see the city's fancy new(-ish) bike racks.  They have plants growing on top of them.  For real!  Or maybe they're just weeds.

I had never heard of Sam Edelman (the shoe brand) until just now.  I would expect this person to be the product of an unholy union between Sam Elliott and Julian Edelman.  Basically, a cheating, football-playing cowboy with fantastic facial hair and a soothing baritone.


Wear To Work Wednesday - Black and White

Blouse (Gifted from Maggie); Jacket (Forever 21 - Old); Pants (Ann Taylor - also seen here); Shoes (Calvin Klein - so, so old); Necklace (Purchased at Thread)

What She Says:

Black and White is a classic combination, it's just that simple.  I love that this look is classic and professional, but with a hint of femininity with the lace detail in the blouse.  It's those little details that make a basic yet classic look feel pretty and fun to wear, even if it's just to work.

What He Says:

Believe it or not, these are color photographs.  Do not adjust your laptop/phone settings.  You're not going to hear any flack from me about black & white.  I concur: it's classic!  And safe!  And other words with exclamation points!  I don't stray too much from these two non-colors.  

Gray?  Well, that's fine.  It's like black's hipster cousin.  
Blue?  Sure.  
Red?  In moderation.  
Green?  I have gently dabbled.  
Purple?  Umm…what else ya got?  
Pink?  I'm man enough…in theory only.  
Orange?  Do they make orange clothes?

You see, sometimes safe is smart.  Black and white.  It's good enough for a cookie, it's good enough for your wardrobe.  Paul and Stevie, sing it with me!


Wear To Work Wednesday - Black Jumpsuit Part 2

Jumpsuit (ASOS - also seen here); Jacket (H&M - Old); Belt (ASOS - Old); Shoes (Sam Edelman - Purchased for me by Wardrobe Therapy); Necklace (Accessory Concierge)

What She Says:

As promised in last week's post, here is look two!  Change out the jacket, shoes, and accessories to pretty much anything else that you love in your closet and the options are endless.  If you didn't see last week's post read it here.

What He Says:

Jacket added…mind blown!

But yeah, I assume this only compounds the pooping problem that I described last week.  Judging by Allie's face in the bottom picture, it appears that sobering reality is starting to set in.